Carpe Diem! 22.04.2016

How many activities and challenges can you fit into 48 hours? I asked myself this question and joined Red Bull 'Can You Make it?' Mad Team for 2 Days to find out. What a blast! We started the days with showering in huge 300 meter Waterfalls, then riding in police cars, hangliding in Interlaken, playing some music together on my piano in the streets in Lauterbrunnen, partying till 4:00 at the horner and then driving straight to Charmonix to get to the next checkpoint. Unreal!!

These people rock! Some of the coolest, nicest and most friendly and talented ive met in a while. Im so happy I got the chance to spend a few days in Switzerland with you guys. 

I smuggled some people across the border on the way back from chamonix in my van
and they were hidden under a blanket in the back and i had two girls sitting in the front
and the of course exactly on the border the one girl leans out the window and pukes like crazy too drunk in chamonix..

(for the police reading: the smugling is just a joke they all have passports)


Wow!!! What a night and what a fun loving, interesting and all around awesome group of american girls!! Thanks a lot for the great times and midnight fondue dinner and really interesting conversations. Amelia is a really talented Artist by the way. Check out some of her work on


In the beginning of April we had the pleasure to be visited by a group of young travelers from the UK. They came to Basepoint on the day of their arrival and continued coming every night of the week and were really appreciative of the place. We really had a great time with you guys and you are very welcome here! I hope you come back in August!!!