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#009 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: SAT Diving, Canadian Basejumping, Crashing Camera Drones... 

how much pressure can a human body withstand.. what is it like to swing a sledgehammer at a debth of 240 meters below the surface.. tune into #009 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast to find out more about SAT diving.. one of the most dangerous and strange jobs in the world. We also show some more crazy basejumping close calls and awesome footage.. and discuss the new drone we just bought and managed to crash within a day..


#008 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: Coconut Theory, Hygene Problems and Horse Masturbation.. Wow i think tonigh was really a lot of fun.. and we are starting go get some sort of structured conversations going on.. tune in you migh have to laugh out loud when you come to the last 10 minutes of todays show grin emoticon thx and high five to David Laffargue, Clem Newell, Robin Clohessy, Yoshi Mitsu,Adam Frampton and Strictly Base aka Spencer Ball for supporting the podcast


#007 Lauterbrunnen Basejumping Podcast. Aftermath discussion about Dumpster Cliffstrike Incident. Also we watch and comment some really oldschool and fucked up paragliding and hanggliding footage from the 90ies


#006 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: Dumpster Cliffstrike and rescue POV footage discussion. 


#005 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: tonight was really fun.. we had Adam Framton, David Laffargue, Richard and Erik van Lichtenstein talk shit about life and basejumping.. and .. destroyed ropes on the low ultimate, lifting weights with your testicles.. some horses making love.. and does and donts about tinder.. 


#004 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: discussing crazy canopy wraps with Clinton Parker


#003 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: today we had Anton Squeezer (big shoutout to all the Swedes out there ) as a special guest on the Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast and Adam Frampton as our Cohost. We will be talking about groundlaunching base canopies on skies from Männlichen and the Lauberhorn (and show some footage also... and we will also talk about Antons trip to the US and A[Tongue]  where he started wingsuit skydiving to get ready for wingsuit base this summer


 #002 Lauterbrunnen Base PodcastWe had have Matthew Fattal as a special guest and talked about how we stumbled into Basejumping in 2009 together and how we thought it was a cool idea to do your 3rd ever base jump from the high nose grin emoticon.. the other main topic will be on how to become a professional musician and Matthews music carreer wich has really started to take off in the last years.

Matthew Fattal is one of my best friends and we have shared numerous insane and awesome experiences, road trips and great basejumping adventures so im really looking forward to have you here on our podcast smile emoticon


#001 Lauterbrunnen Base Podcast: essentially this was just a dry run.. to test all the settings..